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Helpful hints for buying a SUP board in Australia (either online or instore)

Some people like to buy cheap BCF paddle boards but I wouldn’t. I have seen the inflatable stand up paddle board that Aldi sell. In my opinion it is way too narrow for most people to be able to use. Ok for kids perhaps. Check if they sell spare parts, like a fin for example. The fin is not very good (that's an understatement!)

If you want the best inflatable sup in Australia, the best stand up paddle board for a woman, the best stand up paddle board for beginners, a cheap stand up paddle board or inflatable paddle board, it's best not to go to Anaconda either.

The best inflatable stand up paddle boards available in Australia is without doubt the Red Paddle Co boards. If you find a Red Paddle Co inflatable stand up paddle board for sale second hand, and you want to save some money, you should buy it. It is very rare to find one for sale. Why? Because they love them!

You can find inflatable sup boards for sale online of course. It's best if you read inflatable sup boards reviews before you think about buying one. Google the different brands with the word "review" e.g. "red paddle co inflatable review" and you will find lots of reviews (nine pages) of them on Google results. Try "Molokai SUP review" and you will be lucky to find one genuine review.

There is a very good reason why you will find Red Paddle Co boards for sale and reviewed on dozens of pages on the internet. Simply, it is because Red Paddle Co is one of the biggest and best SUP companies in the world. Huge in Europe and North America, Red Paddle Co have only relatively recently established a distributor in Australia. I am sure they will become the market leaders in Australia for recreational stand up paddle boards. Keep in mind they have a 2 year warranty as all!

Is it worth trying to find second hand stand up paddle boards for sale in Australia? If you have a limited budget and that is all you can afford it's worth it. But if you can afford a new one, buy a new one. You are much more likely to get the right board if you get good advice from a good specialist SUP dealer, (like us ;). Go to a boating, camping or fishing store by all means if you want to buy a boat or camping gear or fishing gear, but the chances of you finding a SUP expert to advise you professionally in one of those stores is very low.

Searching for stand up paddle boards for sale, or for hire, or lessons, in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine coast, or even in Perth can be very difficult. There are so many to choose from. That's why we always recommend finding a specialist. Some ordinary surf shops sell stand up paddle board paddle boards too. The guys in these shops are usually not experienced stand up paddle boarders and really struggle to offer expert advice. Some of the really honest guys in these stores will refer you to a specialist store like Stonker because they know that to get the right board you need the right advice.

Your height, weight age, experience and intended style of paddling (flat water, surf, race, touring etc) all needs to be taken in to account when deciding which stand up paddle board you should buy in Australia.

Some of the SUP or stand up paddle board warehouse shops are good if all you can afford is a cheap board. But be wary of the quality of the construction. They can look very good to the untrained eye, but they may not be as good as you hope they are.

You will also find stand up paddle boards for sale Gumtree. In fact, we list of a lot of our boards there. If you are looking for your first board, it can be hard to find one that is really suitable.

Here at Stonker SUP we have a good range of used SUP boards most of the time, but it does very a lot depending on the season. Close to Christmas usually all the used boards are sold. Best to come here in winter if you want a good range of boards to choose from. We always have a good range of new boards of course. Visit our store to find information about all our models.

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Cheap SUP boards

Why you should and shouldn't buy a cheap stand up paddle board!
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Buying a RED paddle Co board from the UK

Just in case you're an Australian customer, and you are tempted to buy a RED Paddle Co board from an online seller in the UK, because it looks cheaper, be aware that it will actually almost as much as buying locally. 

Here's why -

1. The FREE freight is not free. It costs you $62.00AUD (on current exchange rates) to have it shipped outside the UK.

2. You'll pay GST before it gets delivered to you, so add on 10%

3. That's a total of $1546.00 which is $53.00 less than you will pay from us. (for a 10'6" Ride)

4. You won't get local advice and the help that a local dealer will give you.

5. You won't keep an Australian business operating and keep jobs in Australia.

6. And it will take you a couple of weeks to get it!

Support Australian jobs - buy local!

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Test riding the 8'6 Stonker Stubby SUP board on the Surf Coast near Torquay, less than 30 minutes from Geelong

I'd almost forgotten what a nice day we had about 12 months ago testing out some new boards, the Stonker 8'6" Stubby and the Gulliver Gambler. It was a beautiful morning and we had it all to ourselves! One of the nice things about stand up paddling is getting to the breaks on the Surf Coast that not a lot of other people surf.
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Almost too cold?

Early morning paddles have been so cold lately it's been crazy huh?

I reckon it's time I let you know about Probe Wetsuits!

Probe are a dive wetsuit company based in Victoria. They started several years back, after one of the guys left Rip Curl after about 25 years in their design department and he teamed up with another very experienced diver.They know their stuff! What they have produced is a very good "dive" wetsuit based on surfing wetsuit design that is so comfortable that you would not know it's a dive wetsuit!

In winter I wear one of their 3mm IDry steamers and I have just started wearing the IDry 3mm hood and their 0.5mm Insulator gloves. This is a really good combination for normal surfing or stand up paddling or kitesurfing in cold weather.

The steamer has a nice high neck with smooth rubber inside so it seals out the water really well. It has a full lining of quick dry material as well, so it feels extra snug when you put it on and it dries out really quickly from your previous surf.

The neck of the hood overlaps the neck of the steamer and that helps keep the water out a lot too. The hood also seals pretty well against your face. They have thicker hoods and wetties, but the 3mm is all you need here in Victoria. having a warm head makes a huge difference to how long you can stay in the water on a cold morning!

These wetsuits are superb quality. All super stretch rubber with back zips, so they are very easy to get on and off. The zippers have unique overlapping teeth that also help keep the water out. The neoprene quality is fantastic too.The rubber is higher density than the rubber used in wetties purely for surfing. This is because in diving the rubber is subject to higher pressure being under the water. This is one reason why you don't need the typical 4/3mm steamer that everyone in Victoria wears. A 3mm suit is sufficient in the Probe rubber!

Following several mornings of having hands like ice blocks, I realized that SUPing in Victoria on cold mornings you just have to have gloves on. The challenge is finding gloves that are thin enough to still give you good grip on the paddle but still warm enough to make a difference. If the gloves are too thick you can actually get tired hands and arms when you are paddling!

I have listed most of the Probe range in our webstore so you can check them out.

One last thing - feet! One thing that I have found after 45 years of surfing in Victoria is that you don't need the typical calf high booties that most people around here buy. We use Balin Low Cut Reef Boots.  If your body and head is warm in the water, you will notice that your feet don't get cold at all.The time your feet get the coldest is walking back to the car park when you have gotten out of the water. The Balin boots are way easier to get on and off and much easier to dry out as well.

We have a small amount of their gear in stock, but I can give you a special deal based on a pre-pay arrangement where will will get in to stock what you need, and if necessary post it out to you. If you use the code WETTIES when you check out, you will get a 15% discount off everything in our wetsuits and accessories collection (valid till the end of July 2017). We will then order in in for you and let you know when it arrives.

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Don't buy a RED Paddle board online until you read this!

We had a call recently from a lady who was not quite sure what type of paddle board to buy. As always, we like to ask lots of questions of our customers to try to help them work out what the best type of paddle board is for them to buy.

It turned out that for this particular lady, a RED Inflatable stand up paddle board was going to be the best board for her. She thanked me for my time and assistance and asked the price and what came in the package. She then went about looking for the best deal she could find elsewhere.

She very nicely phoned me back to say she had found a better deal online elsewhere. I asked her to send me the link as I couldn't believe that she could get a deal in Australia for about $250.00 less than what we offer and I searched online to the best of my ability and could not find it anywhere. So I went to the website she sent me a link to. 

It turned out that the website she linked to was in the UK. They have their prices in Australian dollars, and advertise free* world wide shipping. The * lead to a condition that the "free" world wide shipping did not apply to SUP boards, inflatable or otherwise. The cost to Australia was 70.00GBP or about $118.00AUD. Another thing she had not considered was that her import of a SUP board would be subject to GST, about another $130.00. So when taking all that in to account she was no better getting no better deal from the UK website than she would get from us!

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Why we sell RED Paddle inflatable SUP boards

Why we sell RED Paddle inflatable SUP boards.

  1. RED Paddle are one of the only companies who specialize in inflatables. They do the R & D – all the others try to copy but can’t.
  2. RED Paddle are the best! (don’t buy any other brand, just don’t, it’s not worth it, no matter how much you think you might save!)
  3. RED Paddle have the greatest variety of sizes and shapes available. More choice for you!
  4. RED Paddle are the strongest boards on the market. Recommended inflation level is 25 PSI, most others are 15 PSI). This board will outlast the others by far.
  5. RED Paddle honour their 12 month warranty. Peace of mind for YOU!
  6. RED Paddle supply the best pump on the market. Pump your board up easier and faster!
  7. RED Paddle have the best quality bag. Will not let you down!
  8. RED Paddle boards are not only the strongest they are also the lightest. Easier to carry and load in to the car.
  9. RED Paddle fins are virtually unbreakable. No problems for you with fins.
  10. RED Paddle boards are the stiffest, so therefore paddle the best.
  11. RED Paddle construction, called MSP Fusion is absolutely airtight. You can inflate the board once and leave it and you won’t have to pump it up again until you deflate it. Other boards deflate slowly. And it’s stiff and stronger and light. I already said that but it’s so important that it’s worth repeating!
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Inflatable or Hard SUP board?

When should you buy an inflatable SUP board and when should you buy a traditional (hard) stand up paddle board?

Each type of board has some distinct advantages over the other. Like all surfboard designs, what you gain in one area you lose in another. It's a constant game of swings and roundabouts.

The first question to ask yourself is this - Am i going to ride waves on my SUP? If you are not already a surfer, the learning curve to get to the point where you can ride seriously good waves on a SUP board is quite high. If you're not really going to surf, but instead be a recreational paddler on mostly flat water, you should think seriously about getting an inflatable board. If  you want to surf, get a hard board.

Next question - do you have storage or transport problems that make a hard stand up paddle board difficult to have? Do you drive a small convertible? Do you live in an high rise apartment with no garage storage? If you answered yes to any of these questions, an inflatable SUP might be the answer to your problems.

One more question - is the cost of ownership an issue for you? e.g. if you have a hard board, you will probably "ding" it, and if you ding it you'll need to either repair it yourself or have someone like us fix it for you. The chances of you "dinging" (damaging) a good quality inflatable board are extremely low.

I hope that helps! The key thing is that you get out on the water and have a great time, and that will happen no matter what type of SUP you get. Our job is to help you get the best SUP for your lifestyle and use.


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New boards in stock

We have heaps of new boards in the shop now. Our own Stonker brand, RED Paddle, Blue Planet, Oahu SIx and most importantly our new StonkBox. If you want a high performance SUP, the StonkBox re-writes all the rules about how you expect a board to look and perform. Go to our online store to check them out and come to the shop or one of our demo days and take one for a paddle. Watch the videos on YouTube like this one from Rick Pettifer riding the board that the StonkBox was modelled on - the Gulliver VBox. We have made some slight adjustments to improve the size range and performance of this iconic board.

If  you want some great instructional videos, go no further than the Blue Planet YouTube channel. I recently met Rob Stehlik who you will see on the Blue Planet videos. A very humble guy and a true gentleman, and he has a wealth of knowledge regarding stand up paddle boarding. While he was here in Torquay he was the Male Open winner of the SUP division of "The Impossible", an open water paddle race from  Barwon Heads to Torquay via Point Impossible. I am told he has in the past won his age division in the famous Molokai event in Hawaii.

We are looking to an exciting summer and hope it gets here soon!

See you in the shop and on the water!

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