Don't buy a RED Paddle board online until you read this!

We had a call recently from a lady who was not quite sure what type of paddle board to buy. As always, we like to ask lots of questions of our customers to try to help them work out what the best type of paddle board is for them to buy.

It turned out that for this particular lady, a RED Inflatable stand up paddle board was going to be the best board for her. She thanked me for my time and assistance and asked the price and what came in the package. She then went about looking for the best deal she could find elsewhere.

She very nicely phoned me back to say she had found a better deal online elsewhere. I asked her to send me the link as I couldn't believe that she could get a deal in Australia for about $250.00 less than what we offer and I searched online to the best of my ability and could not find it anywhere. So I went to the website she sent me a link to. 

It turned out that the website she linked to was in the UK. They have their prices in Australian dollars, and advertise free* world wide shipping. The * lead to a condition that the "free" world wide shipping did not apply to SUP boards, inflatable or otherwise. The cost to Australia was 70.00GBP or about $118.00AUD. Another thing she had not considered was that her import of a SUP board would be subject to GST, about another $130.00. So when taking all that in to account she was no better getting no better deal from the UK website than she would get from us!