Helpful hints for buying a SUP board in Australia (either online or instore)

Some people like to buy cheap BCF paddle boards but I wouldn’t. I have seen the inflatable stand up paddle board that Aldi sell. In my opinion it is way too narrow for most people to be able to use. Ok for kids perhaps. Check if they sell spare parts, like a fin for example. The fin is not very good (that's an understatement!)

If you want the best inflatable sup in Australia, the best stand up paddle board for a woman, the best stand up paddle board for beginners, a cheap stand up paddle board or inflatable paddle board, it's best not to go to Anaconda either.

The best inflatable stand up paddle boards available in Australia is without doubt the Red Paddle Co boards. If you find a Red Paddle Co inflatable stand up paddle board for sale second hand, and you want to save some money, you should buy it. It is very rare to find one for sale. Why? Because they love them!

You can find inflatable sup boards for sale online of course. It's best if you read inflatable sup boards reviews before you think about buying one. Google the different brands with the word "review" e.g. "red paddle co inflatable review" and you will find lots of reviews (nine pages) of them on Google results. Try "Molokai SUP review" and you will be lucky to find one genuine review.

There is a very good reason why you will find Red Paddle Co boards for sale and reviewed on dozens of pages on the internet. Simply, it is because Red Paddle Co is one of the biggest and best SUP companies in the world. Huge in Europe and North America, Red Paddle Co have only relatively recently established a distributor in Australia. I am sure they will become the market leaders in Australia for recreational stand up paddle boards. Keep in mind they have a 2 year warranty as all!

Is it worth trying to find second hand stand up paddle boards for sale in Australia? If you have a limited budget and that is all you can afford it's worth it. But if you can afford a new one, buy a new one. You are much more likely to get the right board if you get good advice from a good specialist SUP dealer, (like us ;). Go to a boating, camping or fishing store by all means if you want to buy a boat or camping gear or fishing gear, but the chances of you finding a SUP expert to advise you professionally in one of those stores is very low.

Searching for stand up paddle boards for sale, or for hire, or lessons, in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine coast, or even in Perth can be very difficult. There are so many to choose from. That's why we always recommend finding a specialist. Some ordinary surf shops sell stand up paddle board paddle boards too. The guys in these shops are usually not experienced stand up paddle boarders and really struggle to offer expert advice. Some of the really honest guys in these stores will refer you to a specialist store like Stonker because they know that to get the right board you need the right advice.

Your height, weight age, experience and intended style of paddling (flat water, surf, race, touring etc) all needs to be taken in to account when deciding which stand up paddle board you should buy in Australia.

Some of the SUP or stand up paddle board warehouse shops are good if all you can afford is a cheap board. But be wary of the quality of the construction. They can look very good to the untrained eye, but they may not be as good as you hope they are.

You will also find stand up paddle boards for sale Gumtree. In fact, we list of a lot of our boards there. If you are looking for your first board, it can be hard to find one that is really suitable.

Here at Stonker SUP we have a good range of used SUP boards most of the time, but it does very a lot depending on the season. Close to Christmas usually all the used boards are sold. Best to come here in winter if you want a good range of boards to choose from. We always have a good range of new boards of course. Visit our store to find information about all our models.