Why we sell RED Paddle inflatable SUP boards

Why we sell RED Paddle inflatable SUP boards.

  1. RED Paddle are one of the only companies who specialize in inflatables. They do the R & D – all the others try to copy but can’t.
  2. RED Paddle are the best! (don’t buy any other brand, just don’t, it’s not worth it, no matter how much you think you might save!)
  3. RED Paddle have the greatest variety of sizes and shapes available. More choice for you!
  4. RED Paddle are the strongest boards on the market. Recommended inflation level is 25 PSI, most others are 15 PSI). This board will outlast the others by far.
  5. RED Paddle honour their 12 month warranty. Peace of mind for YOU!
  6. RED Paddle supply the best pump on the market. Pump your board up easier and faster!
  7. RED Paddle have the best quality bag. Will not let you down!
  8. RED Paddle boards are not only the strongest they are also the lightest. Easier to carry and load in to the car.
  9. RED Paddle fins are virtually unbreakable. No problems for you with fins.
  10. RED Paddle boards are the stiffest, so therefore paddle the best.
  11. RED Paddle construction, called MSP Fusion is absolutely airtight. You can inflate the board once and leave it and you won’t have to pump it up again until you deflate it. Other boards deflate slowly. And it’s stiff and stronger and light. I already said that but it’s so important that it’s worth repeating!