Air Compressor for inflating RED PADDLE CO inflatable SUP, or LEI Kites



Let this powerful little compessor inflate your RED PADDLE Co inflatable SUP for you while you get changed, put on your sunscreen and relax!

Purchase with the RED PADDLE CO Schrader Valve ISUP Electric Pump adaptor. (separate item)


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AIR COMPRESSOR • High volume twin cylinder motor • Flows up to 75L/min with no load* • 6m coiled air hose • 150psi tyre gauge • 3.6m power cord with a crocodile clips • 12v copper wound permanent magnet DC motor 0.3HP • Comes with sports adaptors • Will inflate a 205/65 R 15 car tyre in under 2min 35sec. or a RED PADDLE CO INFLATABLE SUP in about 10min • Ideal for most household vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, trailers, bicycles, wheel barrows, sports equipment and air beds for camping. • 1 year limited warranty*

Technical Specifications Voltage: DC 12V Motor Output 0.3Hp Cylinder/s 30mm, Double Max. Air Flow (No load): ≤ 75L/min Max. Amp Draw (under load): 15Amp Max Working Pressure: >150PSI Max Ambient Temp: +80˚C Min Ambient Temp: –20˚C Max. Duty Cycle: 15 minutes

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