2017/18 Stonker Stand Up Paddleboard "All-rounder" Australian Made Carbon 8'11"



DEMO board available to rent. 2 days for $100.00 and then we take that off the purchase price.

This model is perfect for either the novice stand up paddler who is an experienced surfer or as the next board for a person has been paddling on flat water mainly, but wants a board with more performance in the surf.

Identical in shape to our Carbon/Bamboo (full strength) and LITE versions, these boards have been shaped and glassed right here in Torquay, Australia. We employ 2 apprentices, who are guided by our master craftsmen, to keep the trade alive in Australia. These boards are lighter than our imported boards, giving a more easier feel on waves, more paddling acceleration to catch waves, and less weight on your ankle when you wipe out.

8'11" by 31" by 4 1/2" 140 litres

Construction - 50/50 Carbon/Glass top and bottom.


Standard accessories included in board price - LIFTSUP handle, Genuine Future fin boxes (side), longboard fin box, deck pad

Optional extras - 5 fin boxes, rail tape, colors.

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