2017/18 Stonker Stand Up Paddleboard "All-rounder" FULL STRENGTH



8'11" by 31" by 4 1/2" 150 litres

9’6 by 32” by 4 1/2” 164 litres.  


Construction - "FULL STRENGTH" (Superb quality at an affordable price, for those who want a board that lasts and looks incredibly good.)

Deck - full carbon deck, over-layed with genuine bamboo and fibreglass. Patches at strategic points for extra strength.

Bottom - fibreglass reinforced with genuine bamboo. Patches under and over fin boxes.

Accessories (included on all "FULL STRENGTH" boards) LIFTSUP handle, Genuine Future fins and 6" Longboard fin, 5 fin boxes, FCS plug in nose (for Go Pro), leash plug in nose and tail, rail tape.

also available in LITE construction at a lower price.


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