(A2) Stonker GT Series 9'0" stand up paddle board SUP Australian Design



9'0" by 32" by 147 litres 2019/209 model - order this board on this page.

Stock availability listed above is based on our delivery arriving in November. You can order other colors now but they will not be available until November. The boards arriving in November will be both lighter and stronger.

The 5 boards in the Stonker GT series have been chosen because they are tried  and proven designs that work well in our conditions on the Surf Coast, as well as in flatwater paddling situations.

Firstly, the 8’6” by 32” model has been available for several years now and is a winner for most ladies keen to enjoy a cruisy recreational paddle, but will also suit many of their hubbys wanting a board to take in the surf. Weight guidelines  -  up to  60kg flat water, 90kg in surf with some experience.

Next the 8’11 by 31” model. (discontinued but there is one left) This has a rounded pin tail (as opposed to the square tail of the 8’6” so is  slightly less stable but has  12 litres of extra volume. Better wave riding than the 8’6” board and slightly faster flat water paddling. Weight guidelines  - up to  75kg in flat water and 95 kgs in the surf. (For the 2019/2020 models, this board has been replaced by the 9'0" by 32" 147 litre board.)

The 9'0" by 32” 147 litres model is a new size for 2020, replacing the 811" by 30" (some of these are still available). This has a rounded pin tail,  better wave riding than the 8’6” board and slightly faster flat water paddling. Weight guidelines  - up to  80kg in flat water and 95 kgs in the surf.

The 9’6" by 34” 192 litres model is the same shape as our famous 9’6” Carbon/Bamboo Big Fella.  This is an excellent board for the big guy wanting to surf and perhaps paddle the kids around on flatwater.  For most ladies, this board will be too big.

The 9’6 by 32” 164 litres is light and stable but both the 9’6” boards are very good in the surf. The 9'6" by 32" is our biggest selling board.

Weight guidelines  9’6” by 34” 90kgs in flat water and up to 120kgs in the surf.

Weight guidelines  9’6” by 32” 85kgs in flatwater and up to  100kgs in the surf.

One more new size in the GT Series is the 10'5" by 32" 190 litre. This size is similar in volume to the 9'6" by 34" but it is a better flat water paddling board. The extra length gives more glide, but with the rounded pintail it is still quite a nice board to surf, compared to other boards of this size on the market.

Please note: Weight guidelines are approximate and can vary  greatly depending on skill level.

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