2017/18 Stonker Stand Up Paddleboard Performer Series "LITE" Australian Design



Performer series –  

Stonker 15-08-2016 from Rob Dog on Vimeo. This video features the "FULL STRENGTH" version of these boards. Both riders weigh in at over 90kg, and both preferred the 9'0"


9’8” by 31 1/8” by 4 7/16” 139.9 litres. This is a premium board for surfing small to large waves and they are quite at home on flat water too! The 9’8” board has been our most popular board as a custom board for many years. We have refined the shape to have the perfect balance of foam distribution, rail thickness and stability. It will cruise effortlessly on small waves but for the big guy (95kg plus), this is the board of choice in overhead waves. It is an excellent flat water cruiser and therefore is a great choice as a first board for a surfer who wants to get in to stand up paddling and progress in to wave riding. Weight range 80kg up to 110+kg. 

9’5” by 31 3/16” by 4 ½” 140.3 litres.  Similar plan shape to the 9’8” board and about the same volume but with a slightly rounder tail. Again, it has a beautiful thickness distribution to create a very nicely balanced board that performs in small to well overhead surf. It has more width than many of the current performance boards to make it more relaxing to paddle in less than perfect conditions. Ideal for a 70kg and less person as a flat water board, with a view to riding waves in the future, or a larger person of up to perhaps 100kg who is an experienced SUP wave rider.

9’0 by 31 ½” by 4 ½” 134.8 litres. A scaled down version of the 9’5” board. This board is Alex’s personal favourite. He is a very experienced stand up paddle surfer and weighs in at about 90-100kg. For a first time SUP guy who is an experienced surfer, you would ideally be less than 75 kg to get going comfortably on this board. It would also be a nice board for a smaller person (under 60kg) to get started with in flat water paddling.

Construction - "LITE" (Great quality at an affordable price where performance is crucial)

Deck - 2 * 6 oz layers of fibreglass with patches at strategic points for extra strength.

Bottom - 2 * 6 oz layers of fibreglass with patches at strategic points for extra strength. Patches under and over fin boxes.

Accessories (included on all LITE boards)  Genuine Future fins and 6" Longboard fin, 3 fin boxes, leash plug tail, rail tape.

also available in "FULL STRENGTH" construction at a higher price.

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