Stonker Stand Up Paddleboard Big Fella Series Australian Design

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Big Fella series–  

2 Sizes – the 10’6 and 9’6. 

10’6” by 34 1/8” by 5”  210.9 litres. A fantastic board for the big guy who will mainly be on flat-water but is thinking about cruising on to some small waves.  The same tail shape as the smaller 9’6” board makes it possible to still turn this Big Fella on small waves. The extra length makes it glide smoothly on flat water and paddle in to waves very easily. Ideal for a smaller person wanting a Yoga SUP board, or the big guy of well over 110kgs who wants to get in to the surf or flat water. Want to put the dog or the kids on the front? This board will handle that nicely too! 

9’6 by 34 1/8” by 5” 191.6 litres Surprisingly nimble for a board of this volume, this is perfect for the surfer who is larger than he once was but still wants to carve some waves. An advanced surfer weighing in at over 115kgs would do nicely on this board.

Construction - "FULL STRENGTH" (Superb quality at an affordable price, for those who want a board that lasts and looks incredibly good.)

Deck - carbon deck, over-layed with genuine bamboo and fibreglass. Patches at strategic points for extra strength.

Bottom - fibreglass reinforced with genuine bamboo (selected models only). Patches under and over fin boxes.

Accessories (included on all "FULL STRENGTH" boards) LIFTSUP handle, Genuine Future fins and 6" Longboard fin, 5 fin boxes, FCS plug in nose (for Go Pro), leash plug in nose and tail.

also available in LITE construction at a lower price.