Stonker Stand Up Paddleboard Stubby/Wahine Australian Design


$1,200.00 $1,790.00

The Stubby/Wahine Series

There are now 3 boards in this family – the 8’6”, 8’2” and 7’10”. 

We originally designed the 8’6” board as a flat water paddle board for ladies so we named it the Wahine, but when we test rode it we discovered that it caught waves really easily and surfed incredibly well. That’s when we decided a couple of smaller boards in this shape would be very handy indeed!

8’6” by 32” by 4” 127 litres. We realized that many ladies buying boards really didn’t need anything longer than 8’6”, as long as there was enough width in the board to give them stability and volume to float them easily. The advantage in having less length is when the board is out of the water and being transported. Ladies need something that is not too heavy to get on the roof of the car, and not too long when it is windy. So this is the ideal board for the smaller lady but for you guys who surf, it is a cracker of a board too. The first time I paddled it at Bell’s I was stoked to catch waves super easy. And once on a wave it turned really nicely and maintained speed over the flat spots. If the waves are overhead you would probably want one of the Performer series boards but for small waves this board is a killer! Weight range – flat water – up to 80kg. In waves, up to 95kg for an experience surfer. 

8’2” by 31” by 4” 118.2 litres Its’s a slightly scaled down version of the 8’6”. So great for a smaller lady (about 50kg) who wants a flat water board or an advanced surfer (maybe up to about 80kg) wanting something to rip in to the waves" on. 

7’10” by 30" by 3 7/8" 106.3 litres. Our best small wave board for an advanced surfer up to about 80kg or a flat water board for a young teenager or other light weight person up to about 50kg.

Construction - "FULL STRENGTH" (Superb quality at an affordable price, for those who want a board that lasts and looks incredibly good.)

Deck - full carbon deck, over-layed with genuine bamboo and fibreglass. Patches at strategic points for extra strength.

Bottom - fibreglass reinforced with genuine bamboo. Patches under and over fin boxes.

Accessories (included on all FULL STRENGTH boards) LIFTSUP handle, Genuine Future fins and 6" Longboard fin, 5 fin boxes, FCS plug in nose (for Go Pro), leash plug in nose and tail, rail tape.

also available in LITE construction at a lower price.

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