Dickson 6'0" surboard or directional kitesurf board - used



Shaped by Darren Dickson (Dicko)

Dimensions - 5'10" by 19" by 2 1/4"

Shaped by renowned Torquay shaper, Darren Dickson, this is a great little surfboard or directional kitesurf board. PU foam/poly resin/fibreglass construction, made right here in the Stonker factory in Torquay.

Designed as a grom board, it's a typical thruster surf shape. Glassed in fins

Who's it for: A younger person learing to surf, a or a kitesurfer after their first directional board.

Not in perfect condition but for $250.00 it ready to hit the water. Includes fins.

Pick up only.

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