Ozone Ignition Trainer or Training Kite



If you want to fast start your path to kite surfing, this is the way. Even if you don't want to learn to kite surf (or kite board) these are incredibly fun kites to fly.

Unlike most training kites, this ones have a 3rd line which makes relaunching a breeze (pardon the pun!). You can relaunch just by pulling on the centre line.

They are a lot of fun to fly. If you want to do a bit of landboarding, the 3m kite would be the one to buy. We know people who use them with skateboards.

EACH SIZE COMES IN A DIFFERENT COLOUR - SEE PICTURE - color is not guaranteed - give us a call to check what color we can ship to you, if the color is crucial.

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Ph 03 52616077

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