Stand Up Paddle board SUP 10'6" by Oahu Six

Oahu Six

$950.00 $1,500.00

ON SPECIAL - we are overstocked on this size!
10'6" by 32 1/2" by 4 3⁄4" 185 litres 
Price excludes paddle, travel bag and  leg rope. (Package A  - see separate listing for details).
"Board only" price includes board, fin, and deck grip.
Our supplier has just slashed the price of these boards and you get the savings!

Who is this board best for?

1. Any person up to about 90kg, for learning on.

2. Any person looking for a board that will cruise around on flat water with ease, and looking to transition in to riding waves
Who is Oahu Six? A smaller international brand, specializing in entry level boards. We have been selling them for several seasons and has sold hundreds of them and never had a problem with them! We are proud to be able to offer you a premium quality entry level board at a budget price.
Construction - 
EPS foam core. 2 layers of  6 ounce fibreglass top and bottom with reinforcing in high stress areas.

The chances are if you are buying a stand up paddle board for the first time, you don't really know what you need to buy! Right? How long should it be? How wide does it need to be? How much should I pay? Is it risky buying the cheapies?

Well, if you find yourself asking yourself these questions, this is when you need to talk to the experts at Stonker! We will ask you a whole range of questions to work out exactly what is the right type of board for you.

Don't just buy this board or any other board online. If you are in the Melbourne, Geelong or Surf Coast, take the time to come to visit us and talk to us in person and get the right advice so you buy the right board at the right price! We have been making and riding SUP boards for over 10 years - we know what we are doing. And if we can't help you with the right type of board, we will refer you on to someone who can help you. Don't buy a board on line that you have not even seen, from an "invisible" salesperson that you have not even talked to, just to save a few hundred dollars.

Pick up only for this board. No freight anywhere.

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