FREE Stand Up Paddle Demo Day - 19 January 2019



Stonker SUP Demo days - Saturday 19 January 2019 - Fisherman's Beach

Try one of the latest SUP boards from Stonker and RED Paddle. Your ticket gives you 3/4 hour of use and assistance if needed. Please contact us to arrange a specific time to use a specific board, and find our exactly what models are available. 

If you have a number of people coming and you want to book together, just select for more than one person in the qty box below.

Please note your height, weight and paddling experience, in the notes section, before you check out.

If it is only one person you are booking for and you want to try a couple of different boards, you only need to book in once. After your first half hour, you can then try a second board if it is available at the time. It will depend on the board and the other people there, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you can't make it to our demo days, you can rent a board at anytime. The cost of the rental or demo day attendance (to a maximum of $200.00) is then deducted from the purchase cost should you decide to buy a board later. Rental cost is $100.00 for 2 days and you can swap boards in that 2 day period.

The aim of the demo day (and the rental program) is to help you decide what type of board you need to buy. If you book in early and then can't make it please let us know. It costs us a lot of time, effort and money to run these demo days and we need to make sure each time slot it filled.


By making this purchase the renter/hirer/user agrees to use the equipment supplied by Stonker for personal/recreational use under the following terms and conditions. If making a purchase on behalf of a third party, the purchaser agrees to these conditions on behalf of any third party and agrees to have them read the following terms and conditions:

I have been briefed on the dangers of using a stand up paddle board and understand the risks involved

  1. I am in good physical condition and have disclosed any injuries, illness or handicaps. I am able to swim for an extended period of time in the ocean without supportive equipment (PFD) or other support, in the event that I am separated from my equipment.
  2. I understand that using equipment provided by Stonker is at my own risk and that Stonker, its owners and employees are not liable for any damages, injury or death resulting from the use of the said equipment. I hereby waive any responsibility from Stonker and its staff and accept full responsibility for any resulting injuries or damages to myself or others that may occur.
  3. I agree to handle the equipment with care, will avoid exposing the equipment to excessive heat and report any damages incurred during use to the Stonker staff upon returning the equipment. If I decide to keep the equipment longer than agreed, I will notify Stonker to extend the agreement.
  4. I have fully inspected the equipment with an employee of Stonker and agree that there are no un-repaired damages other than those identified. I agree to pay for any damage incurred while I have control of the equipment.

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