Stonker Carbon/Innegra Performer stand up paddle board


$1,480.00 $1,850.00

If you want a high performance small to medium size wave board, this is the model to go for!

Available in 3 sizes -

8'5" " by 30" by 119 litres

8'8" by 30" by 128 litres

8'11" by 30 by 131 litres


5 genuine Future fin boxes, reinforced in high density foam inserts.

1/4" concave going in to 1/4" Vee in tail for smooth rail to rail transitions.

Depending on your ability and size, this board is great in small to medium size waves. You'll have a big smile on your face after your first wave on this board!

Supertough Carbon/Innegra construction ensures you will get heaps of good sessions out of these boards.


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