(A4) Stonker GT Series 9'6" by 34" stand up paddle board SUP Australian Design



9'6" by 34" by 192 litres

Why the Stonker GT Series?

In previous years, our entry level boards were not our brand and not our design. While being very good quality boards, they did not reflect our design philosophy of being a board that was just as useful in the waves as on flat water. These days, we almost always recommend  a RED Paddle inflatable board to  our customers who are really just buying a board for flatwater paddling.  There are many advantages with the RED Paddle boards that I won’t go in to here.

The 4 boards in the Stonker GT series have been chosen because they were our best sellers in previous years, and they are tried  and proven designs that will work in our conditions on the Surf Coast, as well as in flatwater paddling situations.

Firstly, the 8’6” by 32” model has been available for several years now and is a winner for most ladies  keen to enjoy a cruisy recreational paddle, but will also suit many of their hubbys wanting a board to take in the surf. Weight guidelines  -  up to  60kg flat water, 80kg in surf.

Next the 8’11 by 31” model. This has a rounded pin tail (as opposed to the square tail of the 8’6” so is  slightly less stable but has  12 litres of extra volume. Better wave riding than the 8’6” board and slightly faster flat water paddling. Weight guidelines  - up to  75kg in flat water and 95 kgs in the surf.

The 9’6 by 34” model is the same shape as our famous 9’6” Big Fella.  This is an excellent board for the big guy wanting to surf and perhaps paddle the kids around on flatwater.  For most ladies, this board will be too big, but the 9’6” by 32” board, at  28 litres less in volume , will be perfect.

The 9’6 by 32” is big, light and stable but both the 9’6” boards are surprisingly good in the surf.

Weight guidelines  9’6” by 34” 90kgs in flat water and up to 120kgs in the surf.

Weight guidelines  9’6” by 32” 85kgs in flatwater and up to  100kgs in the surf.

Please note: Weight guidelines are approximate and can vary  greatly depending on skill level.

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