BLADDER Wainman Hawaii Rabbit - 1.0 GYPSY 6.5M BB0 - main strut

Wainman Hawaii


BLADDER - 1.0 GYPSY 6.5M BB0 - main strut
Kite bladders are all factory tested prior to shipping. In purchasing this item you acknowledge that it has been factory tested and will be in perfect condition when it is delivered to you. We assume that you know what you are doing in replacing the bladder. You acknowledge that you have experience in doing this. If a mistake is made in replacing the bladder, it may be damaged and may rupture when inflated. Stonker is in no way liable for bladders that rupture or leak in any other way when inflated. We do not accept returns on bladders. The only return we accept is if we have mistakenly sent you the incorrect bladder (a bladder that you have not ordered).

1a Baines Cres Torquay VIC 3228

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